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February 16 2016


Advantages Of Kickboxing Workouts 5 Minute HIIT Workout

I thought it might be interesting to start this year out using a knock and get you guys being consistent with your workouts on with a 5-day work out challenge. The Fat Burning Zone " shown on most cardio equipment as merely 60%-65% of max heart rate is really a myth and is NOT best for burning off fat. You burn off more calories for up to 24 hours after interval training, whereas practically NO calories burn after and boost your metabolism. NOTE: hiitguides should begin with a 3-5 minute warm up and finish having a 3-5 minute cool down to prevent dizziness, or nausea. The work/rest ratio in this case is 30/60, or 1 to 2. I shoot for 5-10 cycles, determined by the type of cardio I am doing and if it's appropriate after strength training. You don't have to do HIIT every day, just once a week can yield major gains.

Performing short recovery segments in between the intervals where you're working harder has the benefit of allowing one to keep the overall work out intensity high while still keeping form. While it's hard to work really hard and keep a high heart rate for a long amount of time because your body is not able to bring in enough oxygen, the rest/recovery intervals of interval training enable you to catch your breath and for your heart rate to come down momentarily.

The other 3 days, prior to HIIT, I did quite high intensity cardio on an air resistance exercise bike for about 15-20 mins, for cardio and fitness. I have very recently began HIIT due to being sold by the entire concept and its attractiveness - entire theory makes perfect sense, and particularly as Iwant to increase stamina for general life and football (soccer).

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